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SMEA List of Current MEDIA PORTALS for Music Education Advocacy (CONCERTs PSAs,Getting the word OUT!)

Music Programs, concerts and special events benefit from having local publicity. Whether it is a paid advertisement or a free "local news" type of release, here are some connections that will help get your message out. Newspapers and community flyers can be found which can help publicize UPCOMING events, but also effective are news releases about recent events (real NEWS). While these newspapers etc require payment (in most cases) for advertising upcoming events, they need news too, and if provided concise news releases on recent local accomplishments they often have space for free. They will not seek out events. Photos are often useful too. These portals are a start, and as this webpage matures, we'll update with specific people to contact where possible. These arts/community media editors are very helpful in promoting music and get "to know" where they can find interesting stories.

Many thanks to contributors for these "pro" links to Saskatchewan media desks. Devleoping contacts with larger media can greatly assist you in developing your own audiences.
This list is by no means exhaustive, but contains high quality links for most. If you find a great connection for promoting music arts, let us know and we'll list it here.

Concert Publicity Links
(Thanks to contributors! Please share your good connections!)

How to write Press Releases

All SK Newspapers and lots more.

Select appropriate links - some are for voice events, some for band/orchestra events etc. Some links are best for North or South (Saskatoon/Regina) locations.

Contact SK websites:

Sask Band Association News letter editor

Sask Choral Federation website | SCF Choral notes
CBC calendar website
Tourism Saskatoon website Tracy Thompson 931 7578

Tourism Saskatchewan website. Call 1-877-237-2273
Saskatoon Chamber Singers American Choral Conductors
The Partnership Saskatoon WWW.SASKATOON.COM
Global TV Community Events
Planet S mag.
CFCR: email
Saskatoon 360:
What to do in Saskatoon:
Third Ave Centre (Third Ave United, Saskatoon)

Media faxes and emails:

Newspaper ............Fax Number ....................Email
Biggar Independent 1 306 948 2133
CBC Afternoon Ed. 1 306 347 9635
CBC Choral Concert 1 416 205 6040
CJWW 665 5501
CTV 665 0450
Jeff Rogstad direct ph. 665-9261
CTV Prince Albert
Davidson Leader 1 306 567 2900
Foam Lake Review 1 306 272- 4521
Global TV 665 0058
Humboldt Journal 1 306 682 3322
Kindersley Clarion 1 306-463-6505
Lanigan Advisor 1 306 365 3388
Lloydminster Meridian Booster 1 780-875-3423
Meadow Lake Northern Pride 1 306-236-5962
Meadow Lake Progress 1 306 236 3130
Melfort Journal 1 306 752 5358
Saskatoon Express 244 5053
Nipawin Journal 1 306 862 4566
Northwest Herald, Unity 1 306 228 2767
Planet S 651 3428
Prince Albert Daily Herald 1 306 763 3331
Rawlco Radio 938 8329
Rosetown Eagle 1 306-882-4204
Sask Arts Board 1 306 787 4199
Saskatchewan Valley News, Rosthern 1 306 232 4694
Shaw Cable 244 0105
Shellbrook Chronicle 1 306 747 3000
St. Walburg & Area Gazette 1 306-248-3138
The Battlefords News Optimist 1 306 445 3223
The Beaver River Banner 1 306-839-2306
The Leader News, Kindersley 1 306 463 6505
Regina Leader Post 1 306-565-2588
The Outlook 1 306 867 9556
Star Phoenix and the Sun 657 6437
Tisdale Recorder 1 306 873 4712
Wadena News 1 306 338 3421
Wakaw Recorder 1 306 233 4386
Watrous Manitou 1 306 946 2026
Clark's crossing Gazette Warman 668-3997
Saskatoon Verb
Western Producer 653-8750

Distribution lists:

Noreen Wensley – SK registered music teachers (SRMTA)
Darren Schwartz’s list

School boards
The S-P and the Sun:
Cam Fuller, Stephanie McKay, Jocelyn Bennett

Planet S: One month before the
CJWW, C95 email :
Star Phoenix Bridges
Verb Magazine:

Public announcements:
Email press release to
Call Shaw for an interview

CBC – phone in public announcement
CBC Afternoon Edition – free tickets
CBC Saskatchewan 411. Email to
Britainy Robinson for mention on her Afternoon Edition "blurb"


Contact Saskatchewan Music Educators Association for broken links (thank you). News gatherers can also contact SMEA for newsposts).